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Workers' Compensation

Holland Inn of Court Holiday Party Crowns Queen of Chili in Delaware

The Randy J. Holland Workers’ Compensation Inn of Court is an innovator, a trailblazer, and an otherwise rollicking good time.  One of only 5 Inns in the United States to receive Platinum status in its first year of operation, this Inn goes where no one has dared to go before.  And that includes the Hospitality component of the Inn, led by yours truly along with Susan Ament, Cynthia Pruitt and Mike Owen.

November’s Holland Inn meeting featured its first annual Chili Cook Off among its membership.  Dueling crockpots, if you will.  The attendees voted in a number of categories, with the results announced at last week’s Holiday event, graciously hosted by our friends at Morris James.  There is nothing like the ambience of a restored Victorian mansion to herald the holiday season and allow us all to rest ye merry.  Props to Caffe Gelato for an outstanding menu.

So here are the winners of the Cook Off:

·   Tara Bustard’s Mean Mama Chili-  Winner for Best Overall Chili and Most Visually Appealing Chili
·   Keri Morris and her Keri’s Divine Chili Vanilli- Winner for Best White Chili
·   Eric Boyle’s Aztec Sacrifice Your Gut Chili- Winner for Most Original Chili and Chili Most Likely to Put Hair on Your Chest
·   Cassandra Roberts’ Sassy Cassy’s Chili Chili Bang Bang—Winner for Best Meatless Chili
·   John Townsend’s Dr. T’s Razzle Dazzle NeuroChili- Winner for Best Layered Flavors
·   James Donovan’s My Wife Won’t Let it Leave the House Tofu Chili--  Winner for Healthiest Chili
·   Cynthia Pruitt’s Phil A. Minion Chili- Winner for Most Texturally Appealing Chili
·   Honorable Mentions:

Greg Skolnick’s Hunka Hunka Burnin Love Chili
Helene Episcopo & Paige Valeski’s Two Law Clerks & a Crockpot Chili

Congratulations to all involved and most especially to Tara Bustard who was the winner hands down.  Just goes to show that the hand that stirs the ladle rules the world!

Irreverently yours,



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