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National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (1/27/2014)

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Lawmakers Propose Amendment to LHWCA re Definition of Recreational Vessel.

CDC Posts 2009 Life Tables.

Travelers Posts 2013 4Q Results; Net Income Increased 225%.

CA: DWC Posts Form for Claims Reported During CY 2013.

CA: DWC Posts Adjustments to Physician, Non-Physician Services in OMFS.

DE: Study Shows Soaring Workers Comp Insurance Prices Related to High Medical Costs.

HI: SB2365 Would Limit Reimbursement for Repackaged Drugs in WC Claims.

HI: HB1960 Would Cap Prices for Prescription Drugs in WC Claims.

HI: SB 2127/HB1973 Would Impose Penalty for Late Payment of TPD Benefits.

HI: SB2123/HB1961 Would Require IMEs, Ratings by Mutually Agreed Upon Physicians.

HI: HB1974 Would Require DLIR to Update Fee Schedule Annually, Set Caps.

ID: HB 350 Would Regulate Manufacturer/Wholesale Distributors Supplying of Prescription Drugs.

ID: HB 396 Would Require Prescribers, Except Vets, to Use Online Prescription Database.

IL: GOP Pushes Workers Comp Reform Bills: SB 2622, 2623, 2624, 2625, 2626.

MO: HB1133 Would Create Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

MO: SB526 Would Require DWC to Develop WC Claims Database.

MO: HB1234/HB1468 Would Not Apply WC Laws to Volunteers of Tax-Exempt Organizations.

MO: HB1343 Would Increase No. of Employees Needed to Be Considered an ‘Employer’.

MO: HB1486 Would Allow Shareholders of S Corps to Elect to Reject WC Coverage.

MT: Workers Comp Judge Applies for Vacant Seat on State Supreme Court.

NJ: Injured Worker Awarded Comp When Rear of Car Still in Employer’s Driveway.

NY: Lawmaker Calls for Reforms to Help Injured Workers Avoid Treatment Delays.

NY: S803 Would Allow Treatment of Injured Workers by Acupuncturists.

NY: S2360A Would Allow Treatment of Injured Workers by Specified Social Workers.

NY: S1114a Would Allow Massage Therapy for Injured Workers.

OH: BWC Says Changes to Pharmacy Management Program Saved Over $20M.

OH: BWC Proposes Rule Change re Self-Insuring PEOs.

OR: LC188 Would Include Medical Services Under Health Plan as Interim Medical Benefits.

OR: LC52 Would Give DCBS More Authority Over Distressed Self-Insurance Groups.

TX: DWC Revises Form for Request for Designated Doctor Examination.

TX: DWC Posts Safety & Health Update January 2014 Issue.

WA: High Court to Hear Controversial Asbestos Case Against Boeing Company Feb. 13.

WA: DLI to Perform Housekeeping on Workers Comp Classification Plan Rules.

WA: SB 6223 Would Create New Causation Standard for Musculoskeletal Disorders.

WA: SB 6179 Would Establish New Rules for Self-Insurance Groups.

WV: HB 4001 Would Create Fair Claims Act for Claims Against State.



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