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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (3/10/2014)

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Travelers Becomes Largest WC Insurer, Liberty Mutual Falls to Second Place.

Benign Neglect: Is Failure to Follow Doc's Advice Fatal to Injured Worker's Claim?

White House Seeks $2M to Hire More Judges at OALJ.

Workers Comp Matters Examines Impact of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace.

RAND Study Examines National Security Implications of TRIA Expiration.

PCI Applauds RAND Study on Dangers of TRIA Expiration.

AIA Cites RAND Study for Need to Extend TRIA.

Drones Could Investigate Insurance Claims, Lower WC for Hurt Adjusters.

OSHA Extends Comment Period on Standards to Improve Chemical Safety.

OWCP Longshore Division Extends Comment Period on Pre-Hearing Statement.

CA: WCIRB Exec Lowers Expectations for SB 863 Cost Savings.

CA: Calderon/Drobot Scandal Could Involve $500M in Overbilling to WC Insurers.

CA: Calderon/Drobot Case Could Involve Ex-CEO of Tri-City Medical.

CA: Senate President Proposes Sweeping Reforms of State Ethics, Campaign Laws.

CA: DWC Posts Adjustment to OMFS Inpatient Hospital Section.

CA: WCIRB Classification & Rating Committee to Meet March 18.

CA: Dept of Insurance Posts Feb 2014 Workers Comp Rate Filings.

CA: Roundup of Legislative Bills Filed for Private Sector Employment.

CT: Legislative Committee Passes Mental Stress Bill.

CT: WCC Posts Latest Medical Protocols for Opioids.

DE: Task Force Considers Having NCCI Handle All Future Rate Filings.

FL: HB 1007 Would Amend Drug Testing, Medical Treatment, PTD and Apportionment.

FL: SB 1580 Would Amend Reimbursement Allowances for Hospital Care.

FL: HB 1351 Would Amend Reimbursement Allowances for Hospital Care.

IL: HB 3470 Would Amend Traveling Workers, Preexisting Conditions, Partial Disability, Etc.

IL: SB 3392 Would Amend Death Benefits for Widows/Widowers Who Remarry.

IN: Fed OSHA Makes 22 Recommendations to Improve Indiana OSHA.

IN: WCB Posts Report of TTD/TPD Electronic Form for Public Testing.

IA: Workers Comp Bill Still Pending as Legislature to Adjourn March 21.

KS: SB 398 Would Address Firefighter, Police Officer Heart Disease Claims.

KY: Senate Passes SB 81 to Clarify Independent Contractors.

KY: SB 136 Would Amend TPD, Limitation of Medical Benefits, Attorney's Fees, Etc.

KY: HB 507 Would Amend TPD, Limitation of Medical Benefits, Attorney's Fees, Etc.

ME: Dept of Labor Opposes Proposed OSHA Regulation for Online Reporting.

MD: Controversy Erupts Over Lawyer/Lawmaker's Role in Pro-Injured Worker Bills.

MI: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Celebrates 75 Years of Service.

NH: HB 1189 Would Crack Down by Regulating Temp Worker Industry.

NY: AG Announces $4M Settlement With 2 Car Washes for Labor Violations, Underreporting.

NY: Security Guard's Personal Actions at SWCB Not Actionable.

NY: Court Rules WCB Decision Had No Collateral Effect in Personal Injury Action.

NY: SWCB Posts Newly Authorized Health Care Provider List.

OR: WCD Posts Info on Mediation, Settlements, Hearing Rules.

PA: Rating Bureau Approves Loss Costs Decrease of 5.15 Percent Eff. 4-1-2014.

RI: Bill Would Have Workers Comp Court Decide Independent Contractor Status.

TN: Ex-Senator Pleads Guilty in Workers' Comp Fraud Case.

TX: Albert Betts Named Executive Director of Insurance Council of Texas.

TX: Research Agenda Posted for WC Research and Evaluation Group (REG).

UT: SB 55 Would Tighten Laws on Licenses for Drug Dispensing.

UT: Legislature's Top Priorities for Budget Include Workers' Comp Funding.

VA: High Court to Hear "Training Day" Officer Death Case.

VT: Senates Passes S136 Child Care Workers Unions.

WA: GOP Backs Off on Using Boeing Threat for Pushing Workers' Comp Reforms.

WA: Seattle Pressures Ride Services Companies to Disclose Insurance Coverage Details.

WA: Senate Passes HB 2125 Horse Racing Fund to Help Provide WC Insurance for Jockeys.

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