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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (5/18/2015)







NCCI Gives “Calm” Now, “Turbulent” Later, Outlook for Workers Comp Industry.

NCCI Presentation: Complete State of the Line for Workers Comp Industry.

NCCI Presentation: Work Comp Implications of On-Demand Economy, Temp Workers.

Express Scripts: Half a Million Americans Pay $50K+ in Medication Costs Per Year.

SEC Investigating Barrett Business Services’ Accounting Practices.

Study: Aging Japanese-Americans Provide Insights Into Dealing With Aging Population.

Study: Weekend Drug Users End Up Expanding Recreational Use to Weekdays.

Two Minute Walk and Other Ways to Avoid Harms From Prolonged Periods of Sitting.

AZ: ICA to Hold Public Hearing on Assessment for Special Fund.

CA: 3rd DCA Grants Review in Case Challenging Constitutionality of IMR (LC 4610.6).

CA: Calif. Labor Federation Backs SB 563 Utilization Review Bill.

CA: Assembly Approves Bill to Give Pro Cheerleaders Employee Status.

CA: Assembly Approves AB 305 to Prevent Gender Bias of Workplace Injuries.

CA: Senate Passes SB 542 Home Health Care Services Fee Schedule.

CA: Staffing Firms Prohibited From Self-Insuring for Workers Comp.

CA: DWC Redding District Office Moves to New Location.

CA: Expert Suggests SB 863 Can Help Reduce WCMSA Allocation.

CT: WCC Posts Weekly Benefit Calculations Without FICA, Medicare Deductions.

FL: Judge to Rule Soon in Disney Worker Death Case.

FL: DWC Proposes Rule Changes Related to Use of DWC Reimbursement Manuals.

FL: DWC Proposes Rule Changes to Adopt ICD-10 Medical Code Sets.

GA: Governor Signs HB 412 to Address Exclusive Remedy, Physicians, Benefits.

IL: Legislature Confirms Appointments of Chairman and Commissioner Appointments.

MA: Workers Comp Advisory Council Posts 2014 Annual Report.

MO: Columbia Public Schools Paid Out $1.4M to Injured Teachers Over 9-Year Period.

NV: Senate Passes AB 145 to Authorize Uber, Lyft Operations.

NV: Court Holds Employer, Not State, Responsible for Work Release Inmate Injuries.

NJ: Weber Gallagher Warns SB 929 Could Raise Costs for Employers.

NY: Volunteer Firefighters Urge Lawmakers to Pass Presumptive Cancer Bill.

NY: WCB Posts Changes to List of Authorized Health Care Providers.

NY: WCB Posts List of Newly Authorized Health Care Providers.

OH: Governor Reappoints Tracie J. Sanchez to BWC Board of Directors.

OH: Governor Reappoints Guglielmi, Haffey, Caldwell to BWC Board of Directors.

OH: BWC Proposes Rule Change on Limitations on Filing of Fee Bills.

OK: Dillard’s Opt Out Plan Called Into Question by Injured Worker Attorney.

OK: Governor Appoints Bob Gilliland as Chairman of WCC.

OK: WCC Executive Director Rick Farmer Announces Resignation.

TX: Insurance Commissioner Approves Two Filings by NCCI.

VA: WCC Posts Notice of Fines for Late Policy Notices.

WA: Governor Signs SB 5510 Study Group to Review Calculation of Comp Benefits.

WA: L&I Issues Policy Statement on Payment of Burial Expenses.









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