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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (6/16/2014)

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US DOL Longshore Division Examines Need for First Payment Notification to District Director.

Social Security ALJ Defends 93.8% Allowance Rate for Social Security Disability Claims.

U.S. House Bill Would Extend TRIA for Five Years.

AK: Governor Appoints Union Rep to Workers’ Compensation Board.

CA: DWC Announces Maximum/Minimum TTD Rates for 2015.

CA: WCIRB Submits Regulatory Filing.

CA: WCIRB Governing Committee Authorizes Regulatory Filing.

CA: WCIRB Posts Conference Presentation on Health of WC System.

CA: Senate Committee Passes AB 1634 Double Appeal Process for Workplace Safety Violations.

CA: Riverside County DA Announces Multi-Million Dollar Workers’ Comp Fraud Bust.

CO: Governor Signs HB 1383 to Increase Doctor Choice for Injured Workers.

CO: DWC Adopts Emergency Rule re Lump Sum Payment of Award.

CT: Undocumented Worker Wins $4.5M Workers Comp Settlement.

FL: Governor Signs HB 271 Limiting Penalties for Workers Comp Insurance Coverage.

FL: Governor Signs HB 785 Oral Vitamins, Nutrients, Supplements, Medical Food Not Reimbursable.

FL: Governor Signs HB 785 Employer Negotiations of Retrospectively Rated Premiums.

FL: Governor Signs HB 7177 PDMP Confidentiality of Information.

FL: Governor Signs SB 1308 Providing Greater Solvency Tools, Regulatory Authority of OIR.

FL: Governor Signs HB 7077 Regulation of Nonresident Sterile Compounding Permits.

GA: High Court to Hear Oral Argument in Death Benefits Case.

IL: Governor Signs SB 3287 to Limit Immunity for Safety Service Organizations.

IL: Dept. of Insurance Posts Workers Comp Insurance Oversight Report.

IN: WCB Posts Preliminary Guidelines for Employer Liability to Medical Service Facilities.

MN: Legislature Passes Bill Regulating Government Contractors.

MN: DLI Report Shows Continuing Trend of Big Drop in WC Claims.

NJ: Senate Passes Bill to Add Cost of Living Increases to WC Payments.

NM: High Court Rules TTD Benefits for Life Not Subject to Time Limits.

NY: WCB Posts New Maximum Weekly Benefit Rate.

NY: WCB Posts Latest Changes to Health Care Providers List.

NY: WCB Posts List of Newly Authorized Health Care Providers.

NC: IC Announces Policies to Promote Swifter Decisions.

OH: BWC Has Until June 30 to Appeal Decision Re Premium Overcharges.

OH: Report Finds Workers Comp Hearing Officers Gave Appearance of Impropriety.

OK: WCC Clarifies Procedures for Handling Claims Filed in Wrong Jurisdiction.

OR: WCD Updates Disability Calculators.

OR: WCD Adopts Temporary Rules to Postpone Adoption of Latest EDI Medical Bill Payments.

OR: SAIF President Fired After 3 Months on Job Considering Lawsuit Against SAIF.

TN: Prescription for Success Program Unveiled to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse.

TX: DWC Commissioner Bordelon to Resign Effective August 1.

TX: TDI Files Petition to Adopt NCCI’s Statistical Plan.

TX: DWC to Hold Hearing 6/16 on Attorney’s Fees Rules.

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