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Workers' Compensation

New Seventh Edition of Rassp & Herlick, California Workers’ Compensation Law

The Seventh Edition of Rassp & Herlick, California Workers’ Compensation Law has a new look, a new format, and a new title. With workers’ compensation reform under SB 863 looming, we thought it would be timely to update, revise and restructure Rassp & Herlick from a treatise to a new and competitive reference resource for practitioners, judges, and other workers’ compensation professionals.

We have begun a three-year project to extensively update and revise Rassp & Herlick on a chapter-by-chapter basis to create a quick reference guide. We want to emphasize substantive law and procedure so that you can quickly access answers to every day questions about your workers’ compensation cases. Our writers include top practitioners in the workers’ compensation community, including sub-specialists in the subject matters, some former workers’ compensation judges, and writers who have practiced and taught workers’ compensation law for years.

We want you to be comfortable using Rassp & Herlick every day when you need to refresh your memory about the law and procedure. We are revising it with both experienced and new practitioners in mind. We have loaded the new chapter revisions with practice points, trend alerts, commentary, and references to recent, post SB 899 published and citable case law, including Noteworthy Panel Decisions. You will be able to access Rassp & Herlick quickly and efficiently in print, eBook or online at both and Lexis Advance.

We have also streamlined Rassp & Herlick by removing obsolete sections and content from the chapters being revised. We have removed the regulations from the Appendix in the second volume in light of the fact that many of the regulations are in the process of being revised by the WCAB and Administrative Director and the majority of our readers access the current regulations in the “Blue Book” – Workers’ Compensation Laws of California (LexisNexis) – which everyone has in his or her library.

We look forward to completing this project of updating and streamlining Rassp & Herlick – all 22 chapters of it. We look forward to hearing feedback from you, our subscribers, on how we are doing and how the publication can be further improved. If you haven’t seen Rassp & Herlick recently, please take a look at our new Seventh Edition – you will be quite impressed.

 Robert G. Rassp, Esq., Editor-in-Chief