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The Top 10 Bizarre Workers’ Compensation Cases for 2015
Posted on 3 Jan 2016 by Thomas A. Robinson

Last November, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 24th Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference in Las Vegas. My session was a spin-off of what has become one of my most popular annual blog offerings—a presentation... Read More

Connecticut: Widow Who Discovers Husband’s Lifeless Body May Not Recover Emotional Distress Claim Against Employer
Posted on 4 Aug 2016 by Thomas A. Robinson

A widow, who discovered her husband’s lifeless body crushed beneath an all-terrain vehicle that he had been repairing at his employer’s facility—she had intended to bring him his lunch—may not recover in her bystander emotional... Read More

New York: Secretary’s PTSD Claim Connected With Patient’s Suicide Established Since She Was Not Mere Bystander
Posted on 3 Apr 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

A secretary at a medical facility, who claimed she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after she responded to the suicide of a patient, is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, held a New York court. Affirming a decision of the state... Read More