Workers' Compensation

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WV: “Good Samaritan” Employee Denied Recovery for Injury Helping Co-Worker
Posted on 10 Oct 2013 by Larson's Spotlight

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia recently affirmed a decision by the state’s Board of Review that had denied workers’ compensation benefits to a secretary who hurt her wrist and shoulder while helping a contract employee of the... Read More

Pennsylvania: “Good Samaritan” Awarded Benefits Following Injury
Posted on 10 Jul 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

An employee who attempts to render aid to another does not, by that action, abandon his or her employment, held a Pennsylvania court. Accordingly, where an employee heard a cry for help, realized that someone was in danger at the bottom of a large concrete... Read More

Municipality Not Entitled to Reimbursement for Workers' Comp Outlay When Firefighter Injured Assisting Another Town's Fire Department
Posted on 5 Mar 2010 by Thomas A. Robinson

In May 2004, a significant fire broke out within a complex of apartments and condos in West Hartford. The West Hartford fire department responded to the call and soon realized that the size and ferocity of the blaze was beyond its resources. The officer... Read More