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Missouri: Court Awards Benefits for Slip from Sidewalk
Posted on 13 Apr 2016 by Martin Klug

An administrative assistant in 2012 was leaving work, stepped off of a ramp onto a sidewalk on the employer’s property on the way to her car and injured her ankle. The court of appeals affirmed an award of benefits and found that the accident arose... Read More

Kentucky: Fall on Snow-covered Sidewalk Outside Employer’s Premises Found Compensable
Posted on 6 Sep 2013 by Larson's Spotlight

The Supreme Court of Kentucky, citing one of its earlier decisions that extensively quoted Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law regarding the going and coming rule, recently affirmed a decision by an ALJ, the Board, and the state’s Court... Read More

MO: Supervisor’s Step Off Sidewalk Did Not Step Her Outside Comp Statute
Posted on 23 Aug 2010 by Martin Klug

The State of Missouri refused to provide benefits to a supervisor of a state- run home for abused children, claiming her shoulder injury from a fall on an uneven surface was not a compensable accident when she was walking at work and she did not stay... Read More