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How PR Pros Can Prove EOY ROI with Nexis®︎ Media Intelligence & Research Analytics

The end of the year is fast approaching, and that means public relations and communications teams around the world, from in-house departments to agencies, are gearing up to generate those end-of-year reports.

As the industry has become more global and connected, demonstrating your PR team’s worth requires so much more than reporting impressions or share of voice. Unfortunately, the process of collecting, analyzing and presenting the complex metrics that illustrate your value is time-consuming—and most PR professionals are already struggling to find enough hours in the day to finish their to-do lists.

That’s where Nexis® Media Intelligence Research & Analytics can help. This award-winning and project management-certified team of media analysts is ready to leverage their 100+ years of expertise to read, process, and refine your media coverage into bespoke, presentation-ready reports and newsletters—all tailored to your timing, language, and subject matter needs.

From ongoing, daily media monitoring, to a comprehensive analysis of how your brand responded to an unexpected crisis, you can trust the powerful combination of media metrics and human analysis from Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics to get the insights you need to prove your ROI. Here are just a few things our analysts can do for you.

In-depth sentiment analysis

It’s not enough to report on the number of story placements and audience reach. Today’s PR professionals need to understand what people are saying about their company and how they are saying it. Often, that means you need more information than a standard positive-negative assessment can give you.

A comprehensive deep-dive into individual articles—performed by real humans with more than 100 years of combined experience—can provide a more granular and well-rounded view of article sentiment and pinpoint the specific elements of a story that impact brand perception. With Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics, your PR team can go deeper than simple binaries and gain valuable perspective into the attitudes surrounding your brands.

Coverage of key messages

You work hard to research and craft the key messages that target the right audiences for your brand and inspire them to take action. Unfortunately, if a media outlet doesn’t cover those messages explicitly, using the exact same phrasing, that coverage might be overlooked by automated media monitoring tools.

An appreciation for nuance and context is critical when it comes to reporting on media coverage, and the Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics team understands this better than anyone. Our analysts go beyond searching for the exact wording of your organization’s message when tracking its presence; instead, they’ll scour stories for instances when the underlying theme, inference or idea of the message is conveyed given the context of the story.

Global perspectives

In today’s fully digital age, media coverage rarely exists within the confines of a single country’s borders. To gain a full understanding of your PR efforts, you’ll want to know your share of voice and volume of coverage worldwide—and that demands access to international news and content in multiple languages.

With Nexis Media Intelligence Research & Analytics, you can rest assured that traditional, online, social, and broadcast media from around the world will be captured and analyzed. In fact, our team can analyze 40+ source languages and deliver reports written in English, French, Dutch, and Arabic depending on your needs.

As you prep your end-of-year reports and plan for 2024 budgets, our team will ensure that the ROI of your efforts will never go unnoticed. Are you ready to unlock the power of Nexis® Media Intelligence? Talk to one of our experts today.

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