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Lexis Advance Training Tips - Company and Corporate Law Resources

Under the circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic, business disruptions have become the new normal for dealings in the commercial context. Companies may transform or restructure themselves to enable their businesses to continue amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Hong Kong Corporate Law and Hong Kong Company Law: Legislation and Commentary equip you a comprehensive coverage and guide across different company and corporate legal topics with regular updates on legislations’ amendments, case laws and some practical tips for your legal practice.

For example, our “Restructuring and Winding Up” chapter shares with you some commentaries, the relevant legislations, any recent common law cases and practice procedures should a company wishes to change its capital structure or shareholding control preventing a closure of the business.

In some unfortunate situations, partners may agree to cease their business operations. Explore more in our Hong Kong Encyclopedia of Forms and PrecedentsAtkin’s Court Forms Hong Kong and Practical Guidance and you will come across to a wide range of business organizations templates, such as agreement for dissolution, for drafting purposes. Simply search within our publication for locating a standard agreement for dissolution of a partnership.

We hope our content help you conduct legal research and drafting far more efficiently. Please feel free to contact us at or fill in below form to arrange a training session conducted in person or through a conference call.


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