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Lexis Advance Training Tips - Employment Law Resources

Under the circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic, employment issues have been very critical for each law firm and company on a global scale. Hong Kong Employment Law Manual offers you a comprehensive coverage and guide across various employment legal topics with regular updates on legislations amendments, case laws and some pragmatic tips for your legal practice.

For example, our “Summary Dismissal” chapter shares with you the relevant statutory law along with some recent and leading common law cases should an employer wish to terminate an employee’s employment contract.

From an employer’s perspective, he might claim for compensations and remedies for a summary dismissal. Learning through our publication, an employer could figure out his right and entitlements that would enable him to recover common law damages for his loss. Simply search within our publication for locating such information.

Explore more in our Hong Kong Encyclopedia of Forms & Precedents publication and Practical Guidance and you will come across to a wide range of Employment law templates for drafting purposes. For instance, an employer may refer to a standard summary dismissal confirmation letter for dismissing an employee.

We hope our content help you conduct legal research and drafting far more efficiently. Please feel free to contact us at or fill in below form to arrange a training session conducted in person or through a conference call.


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