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Lexis+ Hong Kong Legal Research Master Guide

Experience a new era in legal research and guidance

The LexisNexis® Legal Journey encapsulates a series of legal tools you could conduct thorough and robust legal research and drafting. Gain a well-rounded support and seamless tools to increase efficiency, productivity and deliver better legal advice and document.

Legal Research

Lexis® Analytics Hong Kong

Begin your legal research with our AI powered research tool allowing you to leverage analytics and make smarter data-driven decisions. Start here to uncover relationships between legal concepts in your case based on historical case law data, formulate litigation strategy, build your case and more.

Lexis+® Hong Kong Legal Research

Premium upgrade of legal research experience with the comprehensive collection of legal information and a cutting-edge platform delivering greater efficiency and better outcomes. This next generation product matches leading legal content with data-driven insights to improve search precision and generate helpful case recommendations, aiming to redefine a new era in legal research. It helps both legal practitioners in private practice and in-house to identify potential legal issues, take steps to mitigate those risks and ensure compliance with the law.

Download your Legal Research Master Guide here

Legal Research_MasterGuide.pdf

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