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The Latest Features of Nexis Newsdesk for Improved Media Monitoring & Analytics

Nexis Newsdesk already delivers a comprehensive set of global news and social content the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. And it does so with intuitive functionality and an extensive set of features (e.g., unlimited media content searching, data visualizations, a guided search tool, etc.) that help you better understand media coverage and sentiment on relevant news topics that impact your organization and its reputation.

But we’re always exploring ways to improve Newsdesk so it can remain the gold standard for news search engines everywhere. (Which might be why it recently won the CODiE Award for Best Content Search & Discovery Solution for the 5th consecutive year.)

In a recent webinar, Valerie Kemmer, customer success manager at LexisNexis, introduced attendees to some of the newest features we’ve added to Newsdesk. Watch the webinar below to learn what these features are and the benefits they provide. You’ll also see a demonstration of the features in action. Or, keep reading this post for a quick overview.

The Nexis Insights tab

When you run a search on a news topic, article, publication, or journalist, your search results include a clickable Insights tab. The tab provides visualized analytics that help you better understand key events and trends, so you can get a faster, deeper understanding of a news development or author without having to run a full analysis. Within the Insights tab, you can:

View Summary cards

The Insights tab contains four summary cards that give you a high-level snapshot on the details regarding your news search. These cards let you quickly see:

  • Total coverage of a news story
  • Total audience reach
  • Positive audience sentiment
  • Negative audience sentiment

Read the top news stories of your search

Aside from the Summary cards, the Insights tab also provides a list of the top news stories on your searched topic or trend. You can see the article itself, the publication or source, and the author or journalist. You can also filter your list by latest stories or relevancy.

Identify the most active sources and audience sentiment

Quickly gain an understanding of which publication sources and authors are contributing most to a conversation, as well as overall positive, neutral, and negative sentiment on the topic.

Gain media and news insights from visualized data

See and better understand what relevant topics are being discussed or written about the most. You can also see and interact with visualized sentiment trends to see how audience perception regarding a news story has shifted over time.

See coverage spikes and story popularity by region

A chart within the Insights tab shows you when a news story reaches its highest and lowest points in audience reach over time. There’s also a geographical heat map that visualizes where a story is most popular (or the hottest) and where it lacks traction.

Get answers about your search results

The Insights tab provides a Q&A card that lets you ask follow-up questions for answers regarding your search results.

Journalist Profile Cards

You can now view journalist contact details directly within Newsdesk. Simply click the name of a journalist from your search results to view a slide-out profile card with that journalist’s contact information. The slide-out card also features an insights link, so you can dig deeper into the journalist’s latest articles and other details about their work such as their most often covered topics.

Source Profile Cards

And just like viewing journalist contact information and details on their articles, you can also view a publication’s information directly in your search results. When you click a publication source, a slide-out card provides details surrounding its latest articles, the reach of those articles, and overall sentiment.

Refinements to your media searches

Each search result, be it an author or publication, has its own action menu that you can expand. Among the actions you can perform within this menu is the ability to “favorite” or “exclude” an author or news source from future searches.

Watch a demonstration of these Newsdesk features in action

Watch the webinar to learn more about these features, and to see a step-by-step demonstration of how they work to provide you deeper media insights faster with Nexis Newsdesk.

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