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Save Valuable Drafting Time Using Lexis® for Microsoft® Office

Save Valuable Drafting Time Using Lexis® for Microsoft® Office

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office helps you leverage the seamless integration for the LexisNexis® services and the open Web with the Microsoft Office applications you use every day. You save time and streamline your research process through innovative tools available directly within the context of your work product.

Research and drafting are no longer separate processes as this new innovative solution improves your efficiency by helping you respond to requests much faster and easier.

With integration into Microsoft Outlook® and Word applications the Clauses & Contracts and Samples & Forms features save transactional attorneys valuable time and expands their ability to uncover current legal precedent during the drafting process.

Now Lexis for Microsoft Office makes it simple to find relevant precedents and helps drafting attorneys ensure they use the most up-to-date language for the subject area.

By using Lexis for Microsoft Office when updating an existing contract, attorneys can easily find relevant alternative language for a specific clause from SEC filings’ exhibits. Or when working on agreements, attorneys can minimize duplication of effort by leveraging sample forms relevant to their work from the Matthew Bender® model forms collection.

There’s more—Lexis for Microsoft Office includes these new features developed for all legal professionals …

• Pin, annotate, save and send colleagues links to your research

Now it’s part of your work flow. Save or “pin” relevant documents you find that support your research—both Web documents and LexisNexis® documents. Annotate the documents with helpful notes so you can come back to your research later and pick up where you left off. As a result, you avoid duplicating your efforts by keeping better track of reference/research documents.

Even send links with the supporting research and annotations to colleagues or clients via email. Recipients only need a lexis.com® ID—not a Lexis for Microsoft Office license—to access the material.

As you research, pin a relevant document by clicking the push-pin icon in the document heading. After pinning a document, it’s also easy—just click the plus-sign icon next to the pin—to add a note.

• View and share your research path

You may want to save your research path—a record of the research tasks you performed—so you can share it and collaborate better with team members … or just remind yourself of your previous research activities.

The History Map visually represents the work you performed within an Outlook message or Word document. The interactive map follows your research path in Lexis for Microsoft Office—with links to performed tasks. See what you searched and in what sources, what documents you pinned and more. Even review updated Shepard’s Signal™ indicators.

• Move to lexis.com®—no sign on

For deeper research as you work in Outlook or Word, click the Research Browser button. You move directly to your lexis.com subscription content without additional signons.

• Convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents you can edit

Convert non-editable PDF files into Microsoft Word .docx format. Then edit and use on-point passages immediately. Take a closer look at the content—and identify holes—in opposition’s PDF documents.

As you review your email message in Outlook, just click the Convert Attachments button in your LexisNexis for Microsoft Office ribbon. A new screen displays PDF files attached to the message. You can select any or all PDFs and click OK. A progress screen shows the page-by-page transfer. When finished, the full-text—and fully editable—Word document opens in a new window.

Now you’re ready to check and validate citations via the Shepard’s® & Citations button.

Need to convert other PDF documents on your desktop to .docx format? Use the Import button on your Lexis for Microsoft Office Word ribbon.

Check it out …

Watch videos highlighting tasks described above along with additional Lexis for Microsoft Office features, including creating a Table of Authorities, checking citation formats and reviewing quotes in your document at http://www.lexisnexis.com/newlexis/office.

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