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LexisNexis® can help bring new, innovative information solutions to you and your customers so they can make better decisions faster. Embed the same trusted, authoritative intelligence legal and business professionals have relied on for 40+ years directly into vital business applications.

APIs from LexisNexis seamlessly integrate LexisNexis® resources into your enterprise or Web applications—right into your users’ daily workflow. Get faster access to tagged, relevant content from a comprehensive collection of must-have statutory, regulatory, legal and news sources. Plus save staff time and drive deeper insights by integrating valuable content and automating workflows.

Meet the APIs

LexisNexis® Web Services API

Use our simple yet powerful RESTful Web Services APIs to search and retrieve LexisNexis regulatory content in XML and access Alerts. Easily extend your enterprise search solutions to include authoritative LexisNexis content. Save your users valuable work time by allowing them to access LexisNexis regulatory Alert updates from within your applications. There’s more …

LexisNexis® Bulk Content Feed API

Use our Bulk Content Feed API to efficiently download large volumes of specific LexisNexis sources or content types in XML. Integrate LexisNexis content to automate workflows. Feed regulatory content and updates into GRC platforms. Power analytics applications with intelligence from LexisNexis content. There are many more uses that bring value to your organization …

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Before you can use these LexisNexis for Developers resources, we just need to know a few things about you so an Administrator can give you access.

Authorized partners and API customers will be issued an ID to access the Developer Support Portal where they can access API documentation, sample codes, XML schema and XML samples, as well as post questions to the private forum.

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