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Getting Ready for the 2014 Legislative Session with a complimentary session calendar

2014 will be an important year in the state legislatures. It is an election year, many states are still facing budget challenges, and others are still wrestling with how to implement the Affordable Care Act.  Pension Reform, union rights and hydraulic fracking will be also be considered in many statehouses in 2014 while social issues like gay marriage, gun control, and marijuana legalization will also receive a lot of attention.

Along with 86,000 carryovers from 2013, State Net® is estimating an additional 96,000 news bills will be introduced next year. As legislative and regulatory activity continues to grow, government affairs and compliance professionals will be challenged with being able to quickly identify, assess and respond to pending bills and regulations. The following free resources will help you the upcoming legislative sessions:


2014 Session Calendar: Our annual Legislative Session Chart is an indispensable resource for government affairs, compliance and legal professionals who need to monitor state legislative activity.


State Net® Capitol Journal:  Need 50-state political news straight to your inbox? Our free weekly news publication provides regular updates of state legislative and regulatory activity.


Land of Laws White Paper:  Monitoring legislation isn’t always easy, but very critical. This white paper outlines how you can quickly identify, assess and respond to legislation activity important to you.


Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to see how LexisNexis® State Net® can enable you to effortlessly identify, track and share key legislative and regulatory intelligence, be sure to request a tour.