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Preparing Your Company for a Privacy Rebellion

Is Your Organization Ready for Intensified Customer Privacy Demands and Restrictions?

Frequent news of network hacking, lost data and, more recently,U.S. government surveillance of citizens’ phone records, has moved privacy and national security matters to the forefront of the national consciousness.

Articles and opinions about privacy, big data and national security adorn the front pages and home pages of major news outlets.

News of thousands of attacks from China and Europe, and hacks on major social media sites that house and encourage a swelling treasure trove of personal information, seem to bi-weekly occurrences.

Certainly, the volume of the public-policy debate will only grow louder and louder.  

What will that mean to companies whose customers are increasingly concerned about how their data is handled, shared and protected?

What if customers simply start to refuse to allow any use of their private information or demand greater accountability? 


Whether a customer privacy rebellion takes place or not, it's a good time for companies to examine their policies of data collection and how that data is used—before there is a seismic shift in public opinion.

During this complimentary CLE-accredited Webinar, the following subjects will be covered:

• Privacy and disclosure of personally identifiable information

• Understanding the laws governing privacy

• Recent events that have shone a bright light on privacy risks

• Responsibility of companies in collection and use of PI

• Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP)

• Privacy governance issues

• Audits and information team responsibilities

• Role of Chief Privacy Officer


David F. Katz, CIPP/US, CCEP, Partner and Leader of Nelson Mullins Information Security and Privacy Practice Group
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Usman Ghani, MBA, Managing Director of Infinium Strategy Group, Inc.
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Dan Schroeder, CPA, CIA, CISA, CIPP/IT, PCI-QSA | Partner-in-Charge - Information Assurance Services
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Jodi Daniels, Director of Privacy at

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