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Tackling the Big Issue for Modern Marketers: Is Our Marketing Effective?

Posted on 06-23-2015 by Mary Frericks

   Recently, we were pleased to sponsor the AMA Webinar, “Using Media Analytics to Determine Marketing Effectiveness.” Led by digital marketing expert Jason Burby, the Webinar focused on the common problems marketers face, how media intelligence can help and the importance of clear business goals.  [Watch the recording below if you missed it.]

The Obstacles to Optimized Marketing

Jason certainly understands the challenges that today’s marketers face. As President of the Americas at Possible, he has helped some of the world’s biggest brands overcome those obstacles, advocating the use of data analytics to inform marketing plans. The top five concerns for marketers? 

  1.  Diversity of consumer expectations
  2. Data overload
  3. Constant change
  4. Limited resources
  5. Global customers

 Clearly, marketers have some BIG challenges – but the potential for gaining valuable insights into what marketing efforts are most effective at attracting, winning and retaining customers is also enormous.

How Media Intelligence Can Help Shape Your Strategies

 During the Webinar, Jason noted that understanding what’s being said in the news and media offers critical insights into brands, companies, individuals, markets or industries to help formulate and refine marketing plans. With right tools, marketers can can:

  • Monitor and analyze across channels and around the globe
  • Develop action plans based on insights gained from analytics and data visualization
  • Share results throughout organizations to spark creativity and demonstrate marketing ROI

 Before marketers can effectively track and share media intelligence, they need to set the right parameters for what needs to be tracked. Clearly defining data needs helps to keep research focused on what’s most important. Marketers need to:

  • Identify the business goals which may vary by people or department
  • Outline the parameters for success and set targets
  • Determine what resources are needed to gather, analyze and distribute information
  • Make measurements actionable

 In the Webinar, Jason emphasized the importance of defining goals, quoting Andrew Connell, CMO at Huawei Technologies who said, “The setting of concise business goals at the beginning of an initiative often isn’t given enough time. This is really how you create your hypothesis about what you want the whole campaign to do.”   

 Yet, given the demands marketers face every day, it can be tempting to allow what is easy or readily available shape what is measured. When asked how organizations determine what to measure, respondents offered answers ranging from “No idea!” to “Basic industry standards” to “All aspects around our customers/targets.” Where would your response fall?

 3 Ways to Apply This Information Now

  1. View the Webinar recording to see for yourself what Jason Burby had to say about using media analytics to inform marketing. 
  2. Request a trial of LexisNexis® Newsdesk to see how a powerful media-monitoring and analytics solution can enhance your ability to find the insights needed to achieve business goals. 
  3. Share your thoughts on LinkedIn to keep the dialogue going with your colleagues and contacts.



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