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Media Monitoring Reveals One of the Most Fashionable Macrotrends

Posted on 04-14-2016 by Megan Burnside

Is Wearable Tech Redefining the Role of Technology in our Lives?

Wearable technology has come a long way since our first Walkman and its constant evolution is not only giving us more options for integrating technology into our daily living, it’s also changing our thoughts on what we should and can expect from technology. It’s no secret that we’ve always relied on it for information, verification and to simplify our lives. But today, we’re turning to technology for fashion, motivation, inspiration and seamless integration into all that we do.

Fashion Forward: Wearable Tech Gets a Facelift

Gone are the days of ugly technology. Big and small designers are clamoring to outfit wearables. One interesting blend of fashion and tech is Ringly, a customizable ring that syncs with your iOS or Android devices. It alerts you to calls, messages and emails you might miss if you’re away from your phone and works with popular apps like Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram, Snapchat®, Vines and Tinder™. Ringly is also partnering with MasterCard® for contactless payments, turning the socially connected accessory into a wallet as well.

What are some of the other top wearable tech fashion trends to watch? According to CNBC.com, here’s the tech we’ll be turning to in the near future:

  • Clothing that charges our devices through solar power
  • Bracelets and cuffs that purify the air around us
  • Clothing that moves and reacts to stimulus, like sound
  • Bike helmets with built-in navigation systems
  • Designer handbags that contain audio systems
  • “Smart” socks that track athletic movements to better understand patterns and performance

Our new BFF:  Wearable Technology Inspires, Motivates and Validates Us

How long did I sleep? How much did I eat? Is my pulse in a healthy range for my age? We are no longer asking these questions of ourselves; we’re asking our fitness trackers. 

And when we look at share of voice, two brand giants dominate the field – Apple and Fitbit. And it’s no wonder, given the surge in fitness technology. We’ve been trained to track everything from our calories and steps, to heart rates and sleep. As more trackers enter the market, consumers have their pick for the features they want the most, but how will they – and you – track and tailor all of that data?

Brands like Fitbit and Apple are the most adept at helping us organize and use our data. Through apps that pull all the facts and figures together to give us a larger picture of our fitness and ones that are integrating with other brands, we are able to get a robust picture of where our health is and where it can go.

A Look Ahead for Wearable Tech

What does the future hold for wearable tech?  While all areas are certainly poised to grow, wearable medical tech is growing significantly.  The Brainband from Samsung is a rubber strap that fits around an athlete's head and is packed with sensors that read and register the movement of the brain, while a series of LED lights on the band can indicate when a football player has taken a hit. Samsung hopes getting that data quickly to the right people will help medical staff to effectively treat the athlete. It could mean a new era of concussion prevention and management.

Where else can we expect wearable tech to take us? From telling us where to go with integrated navigation systems, to clothing to responds to light, movement and sound, wearable tech will continue to permeate all areas of our lives and raise our expectations on what technology can help us accomplish.


Connecting the Dots

How do today’s tech trends relate to you?

  • Today’s consumer wants a seamless experience. What are you doing in product development and UX to create moments that shift and evolve with your customers?  
  • If your company leverages technology, are you making that experience as personal as possible?  How are you using consumer insights to tailor campaigns and apps?
  • Tech companies are now partnering with fashion brands, jewelry designers, credit card companies and hospitals.  What unexpected partnerships could you leverage to delight the market?  

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