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What PR Super Powers Do You Need to Activate?

Posted on 06-28-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

 Remember Batman? Not the dark, brooding Batman of our current decade, but the outrageously fun Adam West version featuring the POW-ZING dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. We were recently talking about superheroes (of the public relations variety), and I was reminded of one classic episode. As Batman dangles on a rope ladder above the ocean—with a shark chomping on his leg—he pulls out a fishy distraction and tells his trusty sidekick, “The true crime fighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”  The same holds true for PR professionals. 

The Power of Truth & Transparency

In the current era of fake news, PR professionals need to channel their inner Wonder Woman, with her lasso of truth, to overcome increasingly skeptical audiences. This means in addition to embracing the PRSA code of ethics, you need to stay on the side of truth in a crisis. We saw the Power of Truth and Transparency when in Carnival Cruise’s response to a passenger’s viral video.

The Power of Passion

PR professionals need go beyond talking the talk just like Captain America. We’re not saying you need to dress in red, white and blue or carry a brand shield, but you do need to embody what you stand for in words AND deeds. You need to show empathy for your customers’ pain points and enthusiasm for their goals. By clearly communicating your cause, you can identify brand ambassadors and influencers that share your passion, and win the trust of consumers.

The Power of Agility

Spiderman is neither biggest superhero, nor the richest. But what he lacks in stature and budget is made up for by his agility and stick-tuitiveness. PR superheroes can be small but mighty too. If you are tenacious and leverage the right tools, you can make proactive, agile decisions that help you outperform bigger opponents.

The Power of X-Ray Vision

Sure, Superman can leap over buildings in a single bound. He can stop a speeding train with one hand. But his ability to see—and sometimes, hear—problems in the moment is the reason he’s able to swoop in to the rescue. PR professionals need to hone their abilities to spot danger or opportunity amidst the media chaos so that they, too, can respond proactively and save the day for clients.

The Power of Technology

Tony Stark is a genius, but his superhero status is down to his intelligent use of information resources and advanced technology. With the Ironman suit, Tony Stark achieves feats impossible for a mere human.  Likewise, when PR professionals tap into powerful media monitoring, analytics and reporting technology, they can achieve super results.

Before you tackle your next PR mission, decide what your PR super powers are and ask yourself, “What tools are missing from my utility belt?”  We’re ready to be your trusty sidekick.

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