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Maximizing your Value through Research: How to Become the Hero Clients Seek

Posted on 09-19-2018 by Korinne Bressler

 Consultants face more professional challenges than ever before. From increased competition, to commoditization of services to higher client expectations, you must be as effective and impactful as possible in order to succeed.

Are you using every resource in your toolbox to maximize the value you provide your clients? From technology to content enrichment, there are ways to ensure you’re the hero teams turn to when they need answers, action and insights.

 Leverage Best-in-Class Data Visualization

Data is everywhere. You use it as a consultant to provide your clients with recommendations. Sales teams leverage it to understand opportunities. Field service teams use it to track call metrics. Researchers rely on data to help build profiles on people, companies, competitors and potential new hires. The list is endless. But how are you serving the data you use to the people who need it?

Data visualization allows you to present complex facts, trends, insights and patterns to clients in visual, digestible formats, meaning clients can engage with, understand, and use the data better than ever before. And if data because accessible, you become more valuable by giving it to them.

Consider moving beyond the Excel spreadsheet or PivotTable. Investigate custom reports from best-in-class research solutions or even dive into design tools available from Visme, Snappa, or Canva. There’s no question about the value and efficiency that visualizations can bring to any organization. Decision makers need to quickly and intuitively understand their data so they can make data-driven decisions. Be the one to swoop in with easy-to-comprehend results.

Be Known as a Thought Leader

To be the hero, you need to move past giving information to providing thought leadership. According to Bruce Rogers, Chief Insight Officer at Forbes and one of the world’s foremost authorities on thought leadership, “Thought leadership content should be informative and embody innovative and actionable components that, in time, because of their effectiveness and contributions can become accepted industry practices.”

So how do you generate high-quality content? First, be sure you’re using a wide variety of trusted content sources that give you the full picture. Solutions that provide company and personal profiles, financial information, news articles, patent information, and more will ensure you’re pulling together insights that tell a 360-degree story for your clients. You can move them to action by giving a point of view steeped in industry and corporate knowledge.

Truly Know Your Clients

With increased competition and more sophisticated clients, it’s more important than ever to exhibit a deep knowledge of your clients. This is about more than understanding their business strategies. It’s about committing to ongoing research that dives into competitors, industries, customers and potential partners. It’s about knowing them as well as you know your own organization.

One of the first steps you can take to better know your clients is to set up research searches and alerts based on criteria important to them. Are you monitoring their competitors? Their customers? The local and global industries that impact their success? With the right research solution, you not only monitor news, markets and companies, you can also stay up to date on individual people. This helps you have the detailed perspective you need to demonstrate to your clients. They’ll appreciate your commitment and investment in their organization. Once you’re steeped in this knowledge, consider sharing it with your clients. Can you develop competitive insight reports or market trend documents? Move beyond doing what’s expected into speeding past expectations, and you’ll maximize your value each and every day.

Check out these solutions and resources developed specifically for consultants:

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