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State Law for $500, Alex

Assistant secretary of the Colorado Senate John McKay has wanted to be on Jeopardy for as long as he can remember. And as the NCSL Blog reports, after numerous attempts this year his dream came true. But while he didn’t end up the winner, he did something contestants can say they did: he flustered the show’s erudite host Alex Trebek. The moment came when Trebek asked him about his job, noting that McKay had once caught a mistake in a bill that would have cost taxpayers millions of dollars. McKay had to correct him, explaining that in truth he had actually made the mistake and was saved by someone else catching it before it could become law. When the next contestant told a tale of stealing books, Trebek lamented having “an incompetent and a thief” on the show. To be fair, McKay caught the error before it became law, so “incompetent” is a little harsh.