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Education - September 11 2017

California Approves AB 10

The CALIFORNIA Senate unanimously approves AB 10, which would require schools where 40 percent of the kids meet the federal poverty threshold to provide free feminine hygiene products to female students. The bill, which would apply to schools with sixth through 12th grade students, returns to the Assembly (SACRAMENTO BEE).

California Declines To Act On AB 1321

The CALIFORNIA Senate, meanwhile, declines to act on AB 1321 which would have required every school to publish reports on how much money they spend per student (LEXISNEXIS STATE NET).

California Vetoes AB 1261

CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoes AB 1261, which would have required “a local educational agency with a mandatory expulsion policy or zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol, intoxicants, or controlled substances to consider if the policy is deterring pupils from seeking help for substance abuse.” Brown said the issue is better handled at the local level (CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE).