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To hear certain folks talk (cough, cough, everyone on Fox News), high earners can’t get out of California fast enough. They’re packing up and sprinting for the border – any border – as fast as their private fitness instructor-toned legs can carry them, looking for anywhere those awful taxes can no longer touch them. Well, facts are pesky things, and as a new multi-decade study from the Stanford University Center on Poverty shows, the fact is that alleged “wealthy flight” over high taxation just isn’t happening. In fact, divorce is far more often the driver for rich folks bugging out than taxes. And if that isn’t enough to give Cali-bashers a coronary, try this on: the San Francisco Bay Area economy is now so strong that if it were a nation, it would be the 19th largest in the world, topping the likes of Sweden and Saudi Arabia. Hehehehehehehe.