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For The Love of Puppies

Candidates often spar over which one loves certain things more than the other. The object of that affection in recent years has often been guns, but as the Chicago Tribune reports the Illinois governor’s race might hinge on something far more interesting: puppies! That’s because gubernatorial candidate Bruce Pritzker recently ran an ad featuring him cuddling an adorable puppy. Wait, that’s redundant – nobody needs to be told that puppies are adorable. In any case, his campaign later told the Chicago Sun-Times that the gov candidate didn’t actually own a dog of his own. Holy dog biscuits, a fake hound human! Hold up. The Pritzker campaign now says the candidate actually owns five dogs, and even listed them by name. The puppy reference was in response to incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner’s alleged feeling that Pritzker hates puppies and sunshine. All proving that no matter what, puppies are always cooler than politicos.