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Education - September 17 2018

U.S department of education implements regulation to protect students

A federal court rules that the U.S. Department of Education wrongly delayed implementation of regulations meant to protect students who take out loans to attend college from predatory practices. The agency had been sued by a collection of 19 states over the delay. U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss ruled the delay had deprived students “of several concrete benefits that they would have otherwise accrued” (BLOOMBERG).  

NV adopts policy

The NEVADA Board of Regents adopts a policy that waves registration and other fees for students who have aged out of the Silver State foster care system (ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS). 

CA governor signs AB 406

CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs AB 406, which prohibits for-profit corporations from managing and operating charter schools in the Golden State (CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE).