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The Local front - September 17 2018

New Initiative pledging to incorporate electric vehicles

Led by LOS ANGELES Mayor Eric Garcetti, Representatives from 19 cities and counties sign a new initiative pledging to incorporate electric vehicles into their municipal fleets. Under the new agreement, cities can lease their vehicles or they can buy the cars, which would allow cities to qualify for federal tax credits that can lower the cost of the vehicles by up to $7,500 (GOVERNING).

Temporary Ordinance Limiting Rent Increase

Temporary Ordinance Limiting Rent IncreasesThe LOS ANGELES County Board of Supervisors approves a temporary ordinance that limits rent increases in unincorporated areas to 3 percent annually and allows landlords to evict tenants only with justification. The ordinance will last for six months while the county considers a permanent alternative (LOS ANGELES TIMES).

Fine Violations of local Ordinances

CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs AB 2164, which allows cities to impose fines for violations of local ordinances by marijuana growers (CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE).

New York City option X

The NEW YORK CITY Council endorses a proposal to allow residents who do not identify as male or female to change their birth certificates and select a third option, X. The measure goes to Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who is expected to sign it into law (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS).


-- Compiled by RICH EHISEN