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Oh Mom, No You Didn’t

Oh yes, yes she did. University of Florida student Pieter Hanson was in the middle of a test recently when his phone started going off nonstop. Fearful something terrible had happened, he quickly handed in his test and headed for the hallway. But nothing could have prepared him for what he discovered: his mom had, without his knowledge, inserted him into the raging debate over the Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court confirmation by posting a picture of him as an example of a single male now afraid to go on dates over fears of being falsely accused of sexual impropriety by “radical feminists.” She even used the #HimToo hashtag, the code for men decrying being falsely accused of assault. But as the Washington Post reports, Hanson virulently opposes the #HimToo movement, and in fact supports the #MeToo movement. Worse, the tweet had gone viral, sparking the usual tsunami of Internet mockery at his expense. Too angry to even speak to his mom, the Navy veteran sent his grandmother and younger brother to express his displeasure with her post. She deleted her account. Meanwhile he created one with the handle, @Thatwasmymom.