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Effort Planned in PA to Block New Voting Machines

A powerful Republican state senator said he will propose legislation to keep Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) from forcing Keystone State counties to buy new voting machines.  


Wolf and Democratic lawmakers say getting new machines online before the 2020 presidential election is a priority for the state to be able to guard against hacking. Four out of five Pennsylvania voters uses an electronic voting machine that lacks an auditable paper record of votes, and Wolf has told counties to have machines that leave a paper trail by the next presidential election. Counties say replacing systems around the state will cost about $125 million.


Senate Majority Whip John Gordner (R) says lawmakers should have to approve such a requirement, and that not all machines need to be replaced. Some that aren’t tied to the internet could still be used, he argues, without threat of being hacked. Gordner says he hopes his bill will be heard in committee next month as Pennsylvania starts its two-year legislative session. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)