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Most people would not spend $18,000 to save $200. Alas, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety is clearly not burdened with such fiscal sense. As the Jackson Clarion-Ledger reports, the DPS has recently spent $17,727.50 fighting an open records request from a Magnolia State lawmaker. After rejecting the request, DPS lost an appeal to the state ethics commission, which also levied $200 in fines against two DPS lawyers involved in the process. Not satisfied with that rebuke, the agency is now preparing to fight the case in court, where it is also expected to lose. If so, it will likely also have to pay the court costs of state Rep. Joel Bomgar, the lawmaker who asked for the records in the first place. DPS says it will appeal if so, growing the taxpayers’ tab even more. Which sounds like what my mom used to call stepping over dollars to pick up nickels and dimes.