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TX Gov Calls for Sales Tax Hike

A call for the first sales tax increase in Texas in nearly 30 years came from an unlikely source last week: Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who has routinely touted his state as a haven for tax- and regulation-averse conservatives.


His proposed penny increase would raise the state’s sales tax rate from 6.25 percent to 7.25 percent, tying it with California’s as the highest in the nation.


But the governor and Republican lawmakers have promised property tax relief and more money for education after suffering uncharacteristic losses in last year’s election, and the state’s legislative session is nearing its May adjournment date.


“Texans are fed up with skyrocketing property taxes,” the governor said in a joint statement with GOP leaders of the House and Senate. “If the one-cent increase in the sales tax passes, it will result in billions of dollars in revenue to help drive down property taxes in the short and long term.” (ASSOCIATED PRESS, DALLAS MORNING NEWS)