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Little Ponders Chance for Massive ID Regulatory Overhaul

In Idaho, Republicans control both legislative chambers and the governor’s office. But while they are all theoretically on the same side, intra-party fighting last month led to lawmakers adjourning without settling a very significant issue – the reauthorization of the state’s administrative rules, which under Gem State law must happen every year.


The result is that on July 1, the entire regulatory codebook expires. It also leaves Little, who made cutting regulations one of the pillars of his gubernatorial campaign, an almost clear field to do just that. It also means he is tasked with now reviewing 8,200 pages of rules that have daily impact on just about every state resident.


Those he chooses to keep will be implemented as emergency rules, subject to legislative approval when lawmakers return in January. While that would seem to be the opportunity to make massive and substantive changes, Little said he is taking a more cautious approach.


“I’m not looking at this as an opportunity to do mischief,” the governor said during a public appearance last month. “I do not want to exacerbate this thing. This was not our deal. We did not do this.”


Little, of course, will not be the one going over the rules with a fine-tooth comb. That task falls to Alex Adams, his budget chief. Adams has already identified some arcane rules that should probably go - a 1961 rule requiring that the State Department of Agriculture’s deputy state veterinarian “be attired in neat, clean and correct clothing when performing official work” has already been axed – but says the administration is working with state agencies to ensure they do not cut anything that should stay.


“We would not make any decision that is not supported by the agencies,” he said. (IDAHO NEWS, ASSOCIATED PRESS, NATIONAL REVIEW)