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Maybe They’ll Find a Pinky Ring Next

The Wyoming statehouse in Cheyenne is undergoing a spiffy top-to-bottom makeover, and as is often the case with such undertakings, workers are digging up some cool stuff. As the Casper Star Tribune reports, the latest is six oil paintings that had been painted over on historic vault doors in the building’s lower level. The doors and the art likely date back to the building’s origin, circa 1891. Tony Ross, chairman of the Capitol renovation oversight group, says the paintings likely were intended to be a sort of coming out for the state to presumably more sophisticated folks back east, a way of saying “We’re not just rodeo and horses, we have sophistication.” Well, as someone whose mother and many other family members came from or still reside in the great state of Wyoming, it is pretty much all horses and rodeo. And that is just fine, thank you very much.