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United States of Acrimony

If feelings of being disrespected were currency, America wouldn’t need a single other consumer product to remain the richest country on the face of the earth. Case in point comes from the town of Needles, a tiny town in the Mojave Desert area of California. The town is hard on the Colorado River, but the real current comes from the spectacularly deep well of butthurt townsfolk feel over the state’s increasingly strict gun laws. Now, as the Associated Press reports, city leaders recently declared the community a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary City” as a means of poking a certain finger at those lefty lawmakers in Sacramento. City leaders say their real goal isn’t to have folks walking through town with a shootin’ iron on their hip, but to assure passers-through that they won’t get in trouble should they get stopped in town with a loaded firearm on them. You know, as you do.