volume xxv no. 15 - may 22 2017

Medicaid Cuts Threaten Obamacare Replacement Bill | 05-19-2017

States would face demanding fiscal challenges, especially with Medicaid, if the pending Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) becomes law. Proposed heavy cutbacks in Medicaid could potentially doom the American Health Care Act (AHCA...

Bird’s Eye View

California Spends Most On Medicaid | 05-19-2017

Almost $82 billion was spent on Medicaid in California in FY 2016 - $52.6 billion (64.1 percent) by the federal government and $29.4 billion (35.9 percent) by the state - according to January 2017 estimates from the Urban Institute, based on data from...

Once Around the Statehouse Lightly

The Hardest Goodbye| 05-19-2017

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From Fish To Frogs| 05-19-2017

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