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16 Jun 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Nexis® Newsdesk for Legal Information Professionals: Support & Training Resources

An Introduction to Nexis Newsdesk: Training when you need it.

Are you a new administrator or user of Nexis Newsdesk? Need a refresher on some common tasks. These introductory videos are for you. Watch these at your own pace and take note of any questions you might have that can be sent to your Knowledge & Research Consultant or Newsdesk Customer Support.

Nexis Newsdesk® Introductory Videos:
  •  Part 1: Overview
  •  Part 2: Using Simple Search
  •  Part 3: Conducting a Basic Search
  •  Part 4: Boolean Searching & Reviewing Results
  •  Part 5: Using & Creating Source Lists
  •  Part 6: The Share Tab... Newsletters & More
  •  Part 7: Customer Support

Additional Instructional Videos:
(covering tasks not included in the Introductory videos)
  •  How to Analyze Media Coverage
  •  How to Create and Edit Dashboards

User Guides:
  •  Newsdesk Search Commands

Nexis Newsdesk Customer Support:
Call 800-543-6862 for Customer Support
Submit questions, issues electronically here.
Access Help within Nexis Newsdesk to see What’s New, reference guides, additional videos and more


For advanced training, contact your LexisNexis® Knowledge & Research Consultant.
To visit the Nexis Newsdesk product page, click here.