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Fact Checking: Best Practices for Hiring an External Investigator

December 12, 2023 (3 min read)

Thinking about hiring an external investigator to conduct a workplace investigation? Let Elena Paraskevas-Thadani—Founder and President of EPT Legal, Association of Workplace Investigators Certificate Holder (AWI-CH), and licensed private investigator—guide you through the best practices in our newly released video, Workplace Investigations: Hiring an External Investigator.

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  • California: California amends its Labor Code to authorize public prosecutors to bring civil and criminal actions for Code violations or to enforce provisions of the Code independently. Individual agreements between a worker and employer that limit the representative actions or require private arbitration have no effect on the prosecutor's authority to enforce the Code. Public prosecutors are also permitted to enforce misclassification violations. See 2023 Cal AB 594.