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Mastering Multistate Regulations: The State Law Comparison Tool Advantage

September 25, 2023 (2 min read)

What is the State Law Comparison Tool?  

The Practical Guidance State Law Comparison Tool helps attorneys handle complicated and varied legal issues across multiple U.S. states. Its features are designed to address several difficulties associated with looking up, understanding and contrasting state laws and regulations.

The State Law Comparison Tool collects legal data from various sources, such as state government websites, legal databases and legislative records. This data is organized into a structured database, categorizing laws by topics, statutes, regulations and jurisdictions.

In-house attorneys can access the tool through the Lexis+® service, which includes a search bar, navigation menus, and customization options. Attorneys can search for specific laws, keywords or topics using the search function, and the tool retrieves relevant legal documents in a user-friendly format.

One of the core features of the State Law Comparison Tool is the ability to review laws from different states side by side. Users can select the states or jurisdictions they want to compare and view the relevant laws simultaneously.

With the Practical Guidance State Law Comparison Tool, attorneys can create a custom chart or a report that compares legislation across various states.

The State Law Comparison Tool aims to simplify the research process by allowing in-house attorneys to quickly find and compare relevant laws, saving them valuable time.

The tool is available for the following Practice Aras:

  • Business Entities
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Construction
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Data Security & Privacy

The State Law Comparison Tool on Lexis+ is made to aid law firms and corporate legal departments swiftly gain understanding of legal issues in several states while containing outside counsel billable hours.

How does it help in-house counsel?

The sample scenarios here are just a few examples of where the State Law Comparison Tool can be especially useful:

  • Hiring and screening: Can your client or business in California and Massachusetts inquire about a job applicant's criminal background on their employment applications? What conditions must be met if there is such a prohibition (i.e., a ban-the-box law)? You may select the following query: “Are there Ban-the-Box requirements in the jurisdiction?”
  • Trade Protection: Compare the legal requirements for misappropriating trade secrets in New York and New Jersey. "Does the Jurisdiction Have Laws or Authority that Address the Elements to Demonstrate a Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim?" is a possible query.
  • Data Breach Notification Obligation.

Discover the State Law Comparison tool on Lexis+

The State Law Comparison Tool on Lexis+ helps in-house counsel more confidently and efficiently complete tasks, stay current on recent legal developments and help address legal trends. It is designed to keep corporate attorneys up to date with changes that may impact their organization.

Unlock Success with The State Law Comparison tool on Lexis+

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