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Lexis+® Pinpoint Tool Powered by Patented “No Fail Searching” Technology

September 25, 2023 (3 min read)

We blogged in this space recently about the rollout of Lexis+® Pinpoint, a unique practice-area specific litigation research solution that helps legal professionals quickly find the relevant information they need across the spectrum of published and unpublished decisions that are related to facts, issues and topics involved in a case they are researching.

At that time, we explained that Lexis+ Pinpoint is an enhanced and rebranded version of what was formerly known as Fact & Issue Finder, a solution introduced on the Lexis+ platform in 2022 that immediately won rave reviews by legal tech bloggers and early adopters. In fact, that original tool was honored with the LegalTech Breakthrough Award for 2022 Legal Search Solution of the Year and more recently was feted by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) at their 2023 Annual Meeting with the New Product of the Year Award.

In this post, we would like to explain one of the key innovations in Lexis+ Pinpoint: its patented “No Fail Searching” technology.

What is No Fail Searching?

No fail searching refers to the patented combination of algorithms and functionality built into Lexis+ Pinpoint that returns results from the most productive set of search terms, then automatically drops the terms that yield zero results, in order to prevent a dead end in your research query.

How is this possible? In essence, the search receives a set of keywords from the user and retrieves a set of search results according to content types, ranking and organizing until each content type contains a specific threshold amount of results.

Here is how it works. Users first select the practice area for their case, then enter the primary topic or issue for the matter in their search bar. Our patented no fail searching technology then surfaces a practice area-specific word wheel with topical suggestions that are generated by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This embedded AI tech maps more than 6,000 litigation-specific terms of art and synonyms to Lexis+ Pinpoint’s unique topic taxonomy.

This breakthrough patented technology is important to legal professionals because it reduces the burden on the user to know what precise keywords or phrases must be entered into their search queries in order to find the most relevant results for their needs. That means there is no need to start your research with Google or other open web services to try to identify the exact term of art pertinent to the matter in front of you. Lexis+ Pinpoint applies the AI technology behind the scenes to produce highly precise results across every content type.

This is why we’re able to say that Lexis+ Pinpoint, with patented no fail searching technology, gives you confidence that you have access to the legal resources you need.

Wade Through the Abyss of Information with One Tool

One of the most difficult things about litigation research is finding all related materials available for cases with similar fact and issue patterns. The types and sources of research content are often in different systems or databases, which requires varying approaches to finding the right terminology that will surface the precise content needed. This can be time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating for legal professionals.

Lexis+ Pinpoint was designed from the ground up to mimic the exact processes that litigation professionals perform when researching their cases. The tool helps legal professionals build a sophisticated litigation strategy by quickly identifying critical resources most similar to their case in fact and issue. It then uses advanced search capability, machine learning and data visualization to generate the most precise, rapid and complete search results — all displayed on one easy-to-understand dashboard.

This results dashboard provides legal professionals with an overview of the landscape of materials and allows them to quickly drill down — or expand — their research so they are confident they have obtained the full picture for their case. It wades through the abyss of information so you can be sure that no stone has been left unturned.

Lexis+ Pinpoint is available exclusively on Lexis+. Subscribers and those with Free Trial access to Lexis+ have access to Lexis+ Pinpoint and the dashboard, access to the underlying legal research content is dependent on the user’s subscriptions to the appropriate databases.

Lexis+® is a modern all-in-one platform from LexisNexis that combines superior research and data-driven insights. The solution provides legal professionals with all of the tools and resources necessary to practice with confidence and efficiency through five content libraries: Legal Research; Advanced Legal Analytics; Brief Analysis; Legal News Hub; and Practical Guidance.

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