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CaseMap® Cloud Features: July 2022 Updates

August 05, 2022 (2 min read)

What is CaseMap®?  

Organization and collaboration are two of the most important aspects of pre-trial litigation. Preparing your case strategy with paper files can lead to missed facts, lost documents, and ultimately, losing your case. As the legal industry gets more advanced, legal technology is more important than ever. Enter CaseMap® Cloud. CaseMap Cloud is a collaborative case management platform for case analysis and organization, allowing you to craft your story and present a compelling case.  

CaseMap Cloud Features 

CaseMap Cloud is a three-in-one platform: CaseMap, TimeMap®, and TextMap®. So how do these three unique programs work together to bring you a comprehensive case management tool?  

  • CaseMap is the fact and research management portion. The dashboard gives you an eagle-eye view of your case by flagging unsubstantiated issues and letting you quickly evaluate the strength of your case with the Status Heatmap.  
  • TimeMap saves you time by turning case chronology into stunning visual aids. After you've added facts, TimeMap turns those into a chronological timeline ready for court.  
  • TextMap gives you control over transcripts. Sync transcripts with video testimony, find important facts, and quickly add those to your case file.  

The new upgrade to a cloud-based platform means more integration and easier case management. CaseMap Cloud’s entity recognition scans your documents for people and organizations, so you can easily create connections to facts. Lexis® Research can now be exported directly to the CaseMap Cloud platform for seamless case management. And, because CaseMap is now cloud based, you can access your cases from anywhere, anytime and collaborate with co-counsel and support staff.  


Updates July 2022 

Now, CaseMap Cloud is even better! The newest update to CaseMap Cloud includes three key enhancements to make it even easier to manage your cases.  

  • Fact Chronology Report Filter: Customize your timelines by choosing the facts that are most important to you.  


  • PDF text selection tool: Quickly add facts to your case directly from the PDF, eliminating mistakes or misinterpretations from the document. Grabbing text from an image just got easier. 


  • Document fields: New document fields including sender/author and people/organization are available to give you more information and help filter your documents.  



With CaseMap Cloud, every detail is organized, analyzed, and connected to seamlessly construct your case chronology. These new time-saving features give you more control over your case portfolio so you can focus on what’s important – the law. Need help getting started? Access on-the-go training to learn more about streamlining your workflow with CaseMap Cloud. For 1-on-1 training, sign up here

LexisNexis is here to help attorneys get organized, and CaseMap is just one part of a competitive suite of research products that help attorneys win. If you're ready to improve your research, organization, and collaboration tools, contact us today

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