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Health Care Workforce Bills Advance in FL, Holdout States Considering Medicaid Expansion & More

January 23, 2024 (1 min read)

FL Senate Passes Health Care Workforce Bills

Florida’s Senate passed legislation (SB 7016 and SB 7018) that would allocate $800 million for bolstering the state’s health care workforce, including by providing tuition assistance for medical and dental students, and loans for building clinics. The measures were approved unanimously after being amended to cut tuition and educational aid by $70 million and a loan fund for innovative health care programs by $25 million. (ORLANDO SENTINEL)

Trio of Holdout States Weighing Medicaid Expansion

Lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi—three of the ten states that haven’t expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act—are now considering doing so, in an effort to address the wave of rural hospital closures and the high rates of uninsured. Arkansas, which used federal expansion money to buy private insurance for uninsured residents, could serve as a model. (PLURIBUS NEWS)

IN Senate Panel Approves Psilocybin Research Funding Bill

Indiana’s Senate Health and Provider Services Committee approved a bill (SB 139) that would establish a therapeutic psilocybin research fund. The fund would be used to provide financial assistance to state research institutions studying the use of psilocybin to treat mental health and neurological conditions. (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

—Compiled by SNCJ Managing Editor KOREY CLARK

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