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Labor Week: New Pay Transparency Requirements in NY, Another Failed Amazon Unionization Effort and More

October 21, 2022 (1 min read)

Pay Transparency Requirements Coming to NY

Starting Nov. 1, employers in New York City will have to comply with a new pay transparency law requiring the disclosure of salary ranges in job advertisements.

Employers statewide may soon have to comply with pay transparency requirements as well. In June the state’s Legislature passed a bill (SB 9427) that would require employers with at least four workers to include minimum and maximum salary or hourly wage ranges in advertisements for jobs, promotions or transfers. If signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), the law would take effect 270 days later. California, Colorado, and Washington have passed similar laws. (SHRM, STATE NET)

More NY Amazon Workers Reject Unionization

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Albany, New York, voted down a unionization effort by a wide margin (406 votes to 206 votes) last week. The result marks another setback for the Amazon Labor Union, which lost an election at a warehouse on Staten Island in May, after scoring an historic election win at another Amazon warehouse on Staten Island in April. (CNBC)

TN Voters to Weigh ‘Right-to-Work’ Constitutional Amendment

Voters in Tennessee will decide in November whether to enshrine the state’s existing “right-to-work” law into their state Constitution. Approval of the ballot measure wouldn’t change the way the law, which bars union contracts requiring workers to pay dues to the union that represents them, works. It would just make it harder to repeal in the future. Twenty-seven states currently have statutes like Tennessee’s, while nine have right-to-work provisions in their constitutions. (INSURANCE JOURNAL)

IL Voters to Consider Collective Bargaining Constitutional Amendment

Illinois voters will decide next month whether to guarantee the right to bargain collectively in their state constitution. Approval of the ballot measure could give new life to the national labor movement, which has given up ground in recent years. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

-- Compiled by KOREY CLARK


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