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CA4 on Guatemala, Nexus: Argueta Diaz de Gomez v. Wilkinson

February 09, 2021 (1 min read)

Argueta Diaz de Gomez v. Wilkinson

"Diaz de Gomez claims that she received repeated death threats from a gang in Guatemala after she and her family witnessed a mass killing by gang members and refused to acquiesce to the gang’s extortion and other demands. ... [W]e reject the Board’s “excessively narrow” view of the nexus requirement, and conclude that Diaz de Gomez established that her familial ties were one central reason for her persecution. ... We also hold that the record conclusively establishes that the Guatemalan government was unable or unwilling to control Diaz de Gomez’s persecutors. We therefore grant the petition for review and remand for the Board to reconsider Diaz de Gomez’s claims in light of our holdings."

[Hats off to Pamela P. Keenan!]