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CA9 on Mexico, Domestic Violence: Rodriguez Tornes v. Garland

April 05, 2021 (1 min read)

Rodriguez Tornes v. Garland

"Petitioner Maria Luisa Rodriguez Tornes, a native and citizen of Mexico, testified to a lifetime of severe abuse from her mother, her estranged husband, and her partner for, in their eyes, being insufficiently subservient to men. An immigration judge (“IJ”) granted asylum, and alternatively granted withholding of removal and protection under the Convention Against Torture (“CAT”), in a detailed decision. The Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) reversed in part, holding that Petitioner’s past persecution and fear of future persecution lacked a nexus to a protected ground. Because the record compels a contrary conclusion, we grant the petition and remand for further proceedings. ... Nothing in our opinion disturbs the agency’s grant of CAT protection, which the government does not challenge."

[Hats off to Elaine J. Goldenberg (argued), Sara A. McDermott, Richard Caldarone, Julie Carpenter, Rachel Sheridan, Blaine Bookey, Karen Musalo, Neela Chakravartula, Anne Peterson, Betsey Boutelle, Anthony Todaro, Jeffrey DeGroot, and Lianna Bash!]