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CBP Ends "Metering" at Border

November 06, 2021 (1 min read)

CBP, Nov. 1, 2021Guidance for Management and Processing of Undocumented Noncitizens at Southwest Border Land Ports of Entry

"This memorandum provides updated guidance for the management and processing of noncitizens who, without proper documents ("undocumented noncitizens"), present at land ports of entry (POEs) along our Southwest Border, including those who may be seeking humanitarian protection in the United States. This memorandum also rescinds and supersedes the November 27, 2019 memorandum from the former Commissioner, Prioritization-Based Queue Management; and CBP Office of Field Operations (OFO) April 27, 2018 and April 30, 2020 memoranda, Metering Guidance. Today, Secretary Mayorkas rescinded Secretary Nielsen's June 5, 2018 memorandum, Prioritization-Based Queue Management, upon my recommendation. ... POEs must strive to process all travelers, regardless of documentation status, who are waiting to enter, as expeditiously as possible, based on available resources and capacity."