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CIS Ombudsman Introduces Revised Form 7001 for Requesting Case Assistance

November 02, 2022 (1 min read)

Nov. 2, 2022 stakeholder email: "We have updated the DHS Form 7001, Request for Case Assistance that you use to request case assistance from the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman). Our office updated the form to streamline the case assistance process, saving time for customers and our staff.

What’s New

  • Embedded instructions with questions to make them easier to follow. We want to be clear about when our office can or cannot help and who may submit a case assistance request.
  • Expanded and reorganized sections that allow you to provide more information upfront in a logical order.
  • Detailed instructions on which supporting documentation to submit and when to submit it, including evidence to support an expedite request. Our goal is to get all the important information we need as soon as possible in order to reduce back-and-forth communications.
  • Added the option to include multiple employment-based beneficiaries on one case assistance request.

These form revisions also will help us collect more data, which we use to identify trends and better inform our ongoing recommendations to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

What Stayed the Same

  • Please try to resolve your issues with USCIS first before submitting a case assistance request to us.
  • We continue to recommend that you submit DHS Form 7001 online if you are in the United States.
  • You may still email or mail a completed paper version of the form to us if you are outside the United States or cannot otherwise access the online version.
  • Each dependent must file their own DHS Form 7001 if seeking our case assistance services.

More Information

For more information, visit our How to Submit a Case Assistance Request page. For the paper version of this form, go to our DHS Form 7001 with Instructions page.

The CIS Ombudsman is dedicated to assisting individuals and employers seeking to resolve problems with USCIS. For more information on our office, please visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Please complete the CIS Ombudsman Customer Satisfaction Survey. We appreciate your feedback."