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Coram Nobis Victory: Nguyen v. USA

September 29, 2021 (1 min read)

Nguyen v. USA

"Petitioner Tien Nguyen, a Vietnamese national, pled guilty in 1997 to possession of counterfeit securities. In 2017, Nguyen filed a Petition for Coram Nobis, Audita Querela, or Other
Appropriate Relief (Dkt. No. 111) (the "Petition") in which he seeks to vacate his conviction on the ground that his guilty plea was made on his counsel's inaccurate advice that this offense did not constitute an "aggravated felony" which would subject him to deportation and render him ineligible for naturalization. As explained below, the court is granting the Petition because this case presents extraordinary circumstances warranting the unusual remedy of coram nobis relief."