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IJ on Asylum, Social Group, Honduras: Matter of O- (Unpub.)

August 14, 2015 (1 min read)

Camila Palmer writes: "I wanted to share an IJ decision finding my client was a member of a PSG of "former honest police officers," distinguishing Matter of Fuentes. I think its a well-written decision and thought it might be useful to other practitioners, should you want to share it on Lexis/Bender's."  [The IJ, Mimi E. Tsankov, wrote:]

"The BIA reasoned [in Matter of Fuentes] that the harm suffered by the respondent arose out of 'danger that one with ties to a participant in a violent struggle might expect if he ventures into an area of open conflict.' Conversely, in the instant case the persecution feared by Respondent is not simply a function of the nature of his employment; Respondent is entrenched in a 'rich stew of corruption' in which threats of harm arise not just from the criminals he was tasked with targeting, but from his superiors in the police force as well."  [Final decision, July 2, 2015, no appeal.]

[Hats off to Camila Palmer, who rocks!]