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Insider: Garland Secretly Appoints 17 New IJs

May 05, 2021 (1 min read)

Cinco de Mayo, 2021

Former BIA Chair, the Hon. Paul W. Schmidt, reports on his blog: "According to “Deep Throat 2021,” (“DT-21”) it’s worse than I previously thought about Immigration Judge appointments. (And, I thought it was bad.) Garland actually secretly appointed 17 new IJs in April, but EOIR hasn’t released the names publicly because they (rightly) fear “the blowback” from Dems and progressives. ... As for “DT-21,” he/she/them remains as enigmatic, unverifiable, unabashed, and unafraid as ever! This is a 21st Century “patriot” tired of the abuse of due process, racism, incompetence, and misogyny that EOIR has fostered over Administrations of both parties. EOIR under Garland is a progressive’s continuing nightmare!"

Read the whole thing here.

I have a call and email in to EOIR asking for the names and bios.  Not holding my breath...

Dan Kowalski